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Sneak Peek for Kim ~ San Marcos High School Senior Portraits

Meet beautiful Kim.  I just LOVE her red hair.  So pretty!  I’m glad she let me put up a peek!  She wanted to be surprised but it was killing me because how awesome are these??   Such a great session!  Thanks for coming in!  See you soon!

Matt Houston - March 29, 2014 - 6:28 am

Incredible. This is fantastic work!!!! This is Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone worthy. Seriously fantastic work.

Jenna & Mike ~ Engagement Portraits

So I shared the peeks…. but now I’m excited to share the full slideshow from Jenna & Mike’s engagement session.   So much fun to photograph people in love! This sessions was just awesome with the horses and the rolling hills!  It was also really neat to see the connection Jenna had with her horse Homer.  You could tell how much he just loved her!  Without further ado…


Carol Poenisch - March 27, 2014 - 1:02 pm

Laura -

This is Jenna’s mom. Just wanted to say that the engagement pictures are AMAZING!! You did such a great job! Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

Sneak Peek for Jenna & Mike ~ Hill Country Wedding Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Jenna and Mike.  They make the sweetest couple!  I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding in July at Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley.   Jenna and Mike both share of love of horses so of course we had to include some in our portraits!  We photographed out on her family’s land near Schulenberg.  The rolling hills were just beautiful!  The wind was a bit crazy but all in all it was a beautiful session! Here’s just a few quick peeks!  I’ll have the full presentation ready soon!


Sneak Peek for Cara, Ben & Elaine – San Marcos, Texas Baby Photographer

Meet sweet little Lily!  She’s just about to be two years old.   Lily is so cute and smart!  She loves puppies and princesses.  She also sings!!   We had a delightful session!   I was totally impressed with her conversation skills she has so much to say!  I LOVE this three generation portrait!  Aren’t they beautiful??   It was great to meet you guys. Thanks so much for coming in!  See you soon.

Bill Wilkinson - March 13, 2014 - 7:48 am

I am so proud to be part of this family. Three generations of beautiful young ladies have been captured splendidly. Congratulations to the photographer and love to the models.


I want to thank EVERYONE that entered our first Ten Year Anniversary celebration contest! It really was wonderful to see how you’ve displayed our photos. Everyone that sent in a photo was entered for each display you shared… I used to generate the winner. Without further ado….. The winner of a $500 gift certificate to The Smile House is:


I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family for over five years now. She told she was sending in a bunch of photos! She wasn’t kidding… So many great memories and wonderful displays!!   If you haven’t already visit my facebook page to see all the entries!  You guys are amazing!

I’ll be having other contests and sales through out the year… so make sure you follow my blog and my facebook page! Again, thank you for playing!

Much Love,

Happy Ten Year Anniversary To Me!

Ten years??  How did that happen???  I can’t believe how quickly ten years flies by.   I have so many things to be thankful for.  There wouldn’t be a Smile House without my wonderful clients.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate you choosing me to document your family history.  I know I say it all the time but it truly is an honor.   I want to thank each and everyone one of you…   I love celebrating your children’s milestones with you.  I love spending the most important day with a bride and groom as they promise to love each and I will cry at their wedding.  Thank goodness for auto focus!  I still get sentimental when a baby I’ve been photographing for years is no longer a “baby”… and proclaims he’s a “Big Boy” during our session.  My heart always hurts for parents as they cry watching the slideshow of their graduating senior because they know that their “baby” will be heading off to college.  Thank you… for sharing these moments with me and trusting me to tell the story of your lives with portraits.

I want to thank my husband Bryan too. He’s supported me this whole time.  Without his love and support I could have never made it this far.  Thank you for believing in me and always being there.  Thank you to my son too who’s put up with being over photographed and made to model and for not complaining too much when I wanted to take “just one more”.  I’m so proud you’re learning photoshop.  I see a summer job in your future buddy!;)

A little side note:  When I opened The Smile House my boy was only 16 months old.  I had previously worked at home so I remember this day very very well. I remember it because it was the first time I left my boy in daycare.  He cried his eyes out when I left him…and so did I. It was the hardest thing I had to do. It was also the first day my new studio was officially open. I remember walking in and the smell of paint was still very fresh… and I felt a sense of pride.   I remember working on marketing and designing advertisements.  I desperately  hoped the phone would magically start ringing.  It didn’t that day.   It sure did a few weeks later though. When I picked my boy up from daycare he was SO happy to see me.  They gave me some artwork the teacher helped them make in class.  It was a sun with hand prints and it was titled  “Sunny Day”   It had the date on it too with his name.  I love this piece of kid art.  Even though I’ve had four different studios this piece of art STILL hangs on my wall.  I’ll treasure it always.

So… in celebration of 10 years I’m going to have some contest through out the year!  I may even have an open house!  Who doesn’t like a party??  The FIRST contest… is a fun one.   Nothing THRILLS me more than to see my photos displayed in your homes!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!!

Here’s the contest….

Take a photo of MY photos on your wall… or your album (if you’re not a wall portrait person)  and email them to me at        info @  (take out spaces)   I’ll be posting them on my facebook page and at the end of the week… everyone who sent one in… will be entered to win a $500 gift certificate to The Smile House!   How easy is that contest???  Contest ends SUNDAY MARCH 9th.

The Small Print:   GC has no cash value.  Must be used within one year.  Non transferable. Good For New Sessions Only.

Again… thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Much Love,


Sneak Peek for Staci and Jeff

Saturday I spent the morning with sweet little Bennett.  He is a little over a year old… and fast!!  LOL He really has fully mastered the art of running!   I love his messy wispy hair.  I can’t  get over how much he looks like his older brother Angus!  I photographed Angus when he was six or seven months old so a little age difference but look at those eyes!!  They look SO much alike to me!  Some strong gene’s in this family!!  Such cute little boys!  Bennett is so expressive too… you can really tell what he’s thinking by his expressions  I love this image with his pouty little lips.  He wasn’t crying… just was just getting tired.  He just breaks my heart with that sad face!! Was great to see you guys thanks so much for coming in!

Big Brother Angus at Six Months!


Sneak Peek for Beautiful Mallory ~ San Marcos High School Senior

Meet beautiful Mallory…  you may recognize her from the SMHS football games.  She’s the captain of the Diamond Line dance team.   This beauty is headed to A&M next year…  we had a fun session so glad it was her  studio session today instead of location because this rain is really yucky today!!  It’s always fun to photograph dancers!  Mallory was no exception the camera loves her!

Sneak Peek for Beautiful Lauren – San Marcos High School Senior

I had a fabulous time today shooting the second part of Lauren Senior portraits. I was pretty worried this morning that those thick clouds weren’t going to burn off… but they did and today was just absolutely perfect!!   Lauren will be attending UT in Austin when she graduates!  I think it’s pretty awesome to have real longhorns in your senior portraits!  The second portrait was taken inside an abandoned train! While it was kind of comical getting in and out of the train it was TOTALLY worth it!  :D  Here’s another peek!!

Sneak Peek for Handsome MJ

Meet handsome MJ. He’s a senior from San Marcos High School. You might recognize him from football games or if you ever visit Spring Loaded in New Braunfels. MJ was awesome to photograph… We had one of those sessions where I shot way too much because I was having fun! He was such a good sport too and let his mom and I talk him into showing off those great abs! Ahhh to be young… and gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming in… looking forward to our location session!

Sneak peek for Beautiful Codie

I’m behind on blogging!  Been busy though!  I try to at least keep up on my facebook page ( Senior season is in full swing!!  Today I spent the afternoon with beautiful Codie from Houston.  She is just so adorably cute!   I love her pretty curls and her fabulous smile! She definitely lights up the room!   We had a great session and I know there are lots of people waiting for this peek!  See you guys soon! Thanks for making the drive!

Back from the holidays! ~ Smile House Studio News

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Ours was very nice… we enjoyed the company of friends and family.  It was a great break…. except for one little problem.  On Dec.23rd the electric company was working on the polls and transformers outside our home/studio.  We knew they were going to be doing some maintenance and thankfully they agreed to wait until after my holiday rush to work on it.  We knew we wouldn’t have power for several hours.   So we shut down our computers to prepare for the power to be out.  All the sudden all the lights in our house got CRAZY bright! Then we started hearing POPS and the power went out.  The lovely smell of burnt plastic filled our house.   So we had our OMG what just happened moment??  We went out side to talk to the guys and they acted like it was nothing.  I made them come inside to smell the burned plastic smell because we knew something had happened.  They pretty much said they had no idea what was going on.  At this point panic had set in.  We know we’ve had a big spike.  We know the power strips all went off but what we don’t know is if anything was damaging.   We turned our computers off… but we didn’t unplug them.  *really BIG panic*   So it was many many hours later… 10 long hours to be specific and finally they told us they were going to turn the power on.  Fortunately at this time the foreman had showed up.  I told him about what happened in the morning and he was NOT happy. He came back to us and told us that they had jumped lines, caused an arch (whatever that means) None the less it was their fault.   So, we started turning one breaker at a time on, and in our house things started to come on.  We began to think that things were okay.  That was until we came in the studio.  My large 65 inch TV would not come on and my computer in my sales room was dead.  *deep breath*  fortunately my main computer that has my 16 terabyte Drobo and back up system was okay.   *whew*    So over the break we had to deal with getting these items and a few other things replaced.   We did have some problems with the phone lines too so if you tried to call me and I didn’t call you back I apologize!  Please call me back!     We have replaced all the power strips in the house/studio.  I honestly believe if we had not had those strips then we would had a lot more damage.    My Main computer has a heavy duty battery back up pack too that can withstand higher “jolts”  I’m so happy I spent the money on that baby!!  It’s been replaced too… just in case.  I’m really paranoid about fires.   So far the electric company has taken responsibility and while I don’t have a check in my hand they have said they’d pay for all the damages.

So anyway….  I’m back at work in the studio.  Things are mostly functional!   It’s been a busy week!  I’m SO looking forward to spring!  Senior season in full swing and I’m staring to be booked up!  So, don’t wait to get on my calender! :D    AND since blogs without photos are lame… I decided to share this super cute photo of my Diamond Line dance team captains.  When I was photographing the team portraits on Tuesday I had asked them to get really close and pose serious… which obviously made them break into laughter.  I love this image because it reminds me of high school and good friends.  It really is a special time in life… these girls will leave high school with so many great memories.  It’s bitter sweet how fast time goes…

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