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Home Again

It’s hard to believe a week has come and gone so quickly. I’m glad to be home but I already miss the beach. I’m catching up on emails and phone calls. We had a great vacation. Here are a last few photos to share. This was a really cool beach shop in Corpus. I love mermaids and so just had to stop and take pictures of this sculpture. We played miniature golf that night too next door and had a great time except for the gigantic mesquitos that were trying to eat us alive. Guy had brough his “camera” to the beach too. He decided he also needed to take pictures! He proclaimed that he was also a photographer! I keep telling him no baby… you want to be a DOCTOR!! LOL Everytime I tried taking a picture of him he kept taking pictures of me. I suppose I should download his photos and see what kind a pictures he took! LOL Now I just have to find his camera! Then there is one of my brother in law and of my nephew! Of course I love all the boys in their hawaiian shirts! It’s a classic! The next photos are of Shelby Lane, me and some of her kiddos. They came out on Saturday. Shelby had a beach session so I played with the kids while she was photographing. They had a blast! I wish we had more time that day. Then lastly the cousin’s playing on the computer! They spent a lot of time playing at Cartoon Network. Guy really loves the computer. He’s sooo computer savvy. He launches the browser goes to the favorites knows which are the bookmarks he likes to go to. He has figured out what keys do what on these games. He really loves computers. A programmer is a good profession too! LOL Back to the grind! It will be a busy week playing catch up!!

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